An Invitation

You are invited to join a select group of investors into the Plavo More, LLC Group of Funds.

Plavo More is an investment firm that seeks to invest into compelling companies that we believe are on the verge of success, but for various reasons; including lack of late- stage funding, or experienced leadership, have not been able to execute on their ultimate business plan.

As an investor in the Plavo More Funds, you will be a part of a group of innovative thinkers who have decades of experience across many different industries.  It is this expertise and connections that allow us to cultivate the most viable opportunities.

We believe that traditional models of creating blind pools with excessive capital raised, leveraging companies to high levels, and then selling them to the next highest bidder is in need of a serious reset. Rising interest rates, combined with the demise of incompetent lenders, such as Silicon Valley Bank, have now created a desperate situation for both early and late stage companies that have been relying on cheap capital to stay afloat. It is our feeling that we are in the very early stages of this global unwind of cheap capital. Providers of capital in today’s environment will likely be seeing attractive investment opportunities.

There are many reasons why a company might fail to monetize or execute on what seems to be a unique strategy. Our principals have decades of experience in late-stage enterprises, we are acutely aware of the challenges these companies face, and expect Plavo More to offer a compelling solution to their strategic and capital demands.